The best time to visit is in spring when the wild flowers grace the mountainsides. From October the temperatures rise to beyond bearable limits for most people and temperatures of 52°C have been recorded. In April, temperatures drop again to more acceptable limits. Wind is a constant feature of the Richtersveld, blowing its hardest in late winter, sometimes creating unpleasant sandstorms. Even in summer the wind can blow and night-time temperatures can be cold due to the influence of the cold coastal waters. The rainfall in the Richtersveld varies from 5 mm per annum in the east to 200 mm per annum in the west. The western mountainous region receives mainly winter rainfall as well as life-giving mists from the ocean. The eastern area along the Orange River is much drier, receiving only sporadic summer thunderstorms. At certain times, mainly during summer, biting flies can become a nuisance. Their presence is difficult to predict as it depends upon climate and rainfall.


Please note that heavy dew sometimes occur at night.

  • The Richtersveld climate is harsh and dry
  • Extreme temperatures up to 53 degrees Celsius in mid-summer
  • Activities should be restricted to early mornings and late afternoons
  • Nights are cool, but may become chilly during winter
  • Heavy nighttime dew occurs in the park
  • Provide clothing for extreme temperatures
  • Scarves protect against dust and wet towels from extreme heat

The Richtersveld is one of the most desolate areas you'll find in southern Africa, but also among the most beautiful - if you're into hot and barren. It's a harsh landscape where the temperature sometimes reaches 50°C in the summer. It seems so inhospitable that it's a wonder life can suvive here at all, but on closer inspection you'll find that it does.

Activities should be restricted to early mornings and late afternoons. Nights are cool, but may become chilly during winter.

Summer (November-February) Days are hot. Nights are moderate.

Winter (June-August) Moderate days. Nights can be very cold.

Autumn and Spring (March-May ,September-October) Pleasant Days and Nights.

  • Rain is not that common in the desert.

  • Sometimes dew during the cooler evenings.